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 Good Morning...

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PostSubject: Good Morning...   Wed Jan 24, 2018 5:05 pm

Morning came and Soshi could hear his alarm buzzing on his phone. As much as he wanted to keep sleeping his schedule was full today and he needed to get to all three studios. His day was going to be a busy one due to the fact he had to film a commercial, he had to do a small interview, followed by a recording of a song. If all ran smoothly he could have the evening to himself and he could b done around the time the sun sets. Soshi scrolled through his instagram and Twitter, answering a few fans before heading into the shower.

As he cleaned himself up he couldn’t help but think about anything and everything that came to his mind. His phone played songs that were popular and then one from his former group.

Our story started here,
under this roof
even now we re still sharing it
I feel like I feel you...

This light is ur kindness
and still i am feeling it
now only our past time is flowing through
let’s come back to where you want to play NEIRO

Just hearing Rei’s voice stung Soshi and he couldn’t help but shed a tear or two. As the song continued to play his fist slammed into the wall because, he knew that throughout all this chaos he was moving into his new apartment today. Luckily his assistant was getting everything settled and he could finally leave this hotel penthouse he was staying in for the few months. It was time to do something and maybe moving to this complex would be a step in the right direction.

After he finished all his morning routines Soshi headed out the door into the just rising sun.

“Am I really up before the sun,”  he sighed, “I wonder how many do this too.”
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PostSubject: New Bearings   Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:32 pm

I knew what Jared was going to say already, he only had one channel and one intention in this world.
"You cannot take a sabbatical now! It's career suicide! You just released a beautiful promo live! You need to perfect it and get it on a demo now!"
I shook my head, "I'm going Jared. I have to do this. I have to find Caliph."
"What the fuck are you talking about?? Caliph is right in front of me, you just can't see it cuz your head is up your ass!"
I continued to walk past him but he kept up with me perfect stride.
"Look, you're taking some security detail with you! I won't budge on this, secondly, you are calling my wife and personally explaining all this shit to her, I ain't going down for this."
He continued to ramble on and on but I silenced him with a heartfelt, "Thank you Jared. There is no better manager than you. You deserve a real artist. I'm going to bring you one back."

The flight was long, especially long because Jared had insisted I take his private plane. He told me discretion and secrecy would serve me better for finding myself rather than letting fans swarm me. It was lonely on board but this was the point of my retreat. I ate the sandwich that had been placed in the mini fridge but it was bland. An apt metaphor.
I refused to eat the sandwich, I wouldn't accept the metaphysical implications. I threw the sandwich across the cabin and blamed it for my troubles.
I dozed off and woke up to the sensation of someone watching me. I opened my eye lid ever so slightly to find a man staring at me.
"God he's gorgeous."
I stirred lightly and heard him shuffle away from me.
"Are we there yet?
The man laughed and shook his head, "We have another two hours, but I know a way you and I can pass the time."
"Oh you brought board games?" I perked up at the thought. I hadn't had a chance to do something so simple in a long time.
He looked crestfallen, like I'd given him harsh critique and I didn't understand.
"I get it, you're not interested, course a guy like you would turn me down."
He moved to leave so I grabbed his hand, "No I am interested! I really want to play with you."
His expression changed in an instant and that always amazed me how people could shift through emotional paradigms so quickly.
"Oh fuck yes."
He shoved me down and got on top of me and I watched him curiously.
"What board game is this?"
"Heh you artists really love your roleplaying eh?"
"Role-playing games are fun I'm told. Jared always offers to play them with me."
The guys eyes widened, "You're screwing your boss? Jared swings both ways?"
The plane suddenly began to shake violently and the pilot swore before he got off of me and ran to the cockpit.
"Fasten your seatbelt Caliph! We're hitting some turbulence, but we're gonna be alright!"
I did as I was told and hurried to my seat, belting myself in.

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PostSubject: Vacation...Yaay!   Sat Jan 27, 2018 12:23 am

“Jetta, its almost 7:00 a.m….what are you still doing here.”

Jetta was in the office’s kitchen when one of her coworkers came in. She was making herself some tea and noticed that she was here longer than she expected to be. The last time she looked at the clock it was just about 5 a.m because she remembered watching the sun rise from her office. She was making sure all the final edits where in for Tomorrow’s issue that she ended up staying all night and what now seemed to be part of the beginning of a new day.

“To be honest I was so caught up in helping the fashion team with their piece and then the music department needed help because, they were struggling to get in contact with the artist in their feature, and I just happened to be looking over the final product. I wanted our readers to feel refreshed this issue before we move onto next month’s issue,” she smiled.

“You do a lot for this company,” the coworker smiled, “I think you are on your way to becoming the head editor. I hope they choose you. After you finish whatever it is that you are doing you are going on a two week vacation; do you have any plans,” the coworker asked.

“To be honest…I haven’t had a day off since my grad school days so it will be nice to just relax. I am moving into my new apartment officially today so I may spend the majority of the time unpacking all the boxes are there and I just want to settle in and get to know the area,” Jetta explained.

“You mean you’re not going to go on a trip to an island or somewhere out there,” the coworker gasped.

“I’ve traveled enough during my school years and I think I just want to have some time to do something like go to a tea shop, or see a movie...I only go to those kinda places if I am doing a story or meeting up with some celebrities for a interview,” she laughed.

“Where did you end up renting anyways,” asked another coworker.

“Trinity Juncture...it’s that new place about 15 minutes from here.”

“ Jet, you are so lucky all the hottest celebrities live there how the hell did you manage to move into a place like that?”

To be honest she wasn’t really sure how she was able to get in but, the owner of the building loved her work and loved how she covered it one issue during the fall season. He was willing to have her there with a very much discounted rent. She felt like she was imposing on such a place and to be honest she was normally a very simple person. She wasn’t the kind of person who likes to live lavishly but a girl who could sit with a pint of ice cream and just chill out in a pair of sweatpants while watching something on the History Channel.

“I guess I got lucky,” she winked.

As she finished her tea she began to gather her things and speak with a few more coworkers before finally leaving after what seemed to be the longest shift she had done in sometime. She got to work yesterday around 2p.m. and was only leaving now to head to her new home. She knew that once she was home she was going to take the longest nap or sleep that she has had in over a week. Jetta took one more look at the sky before walking out the doors of the building.

“Hello Sunshine,” she smiled.

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PostSubject: Re: Good Morning...   Sun Jan 28, 2018 12:15 pm

I was disappointed to find that my lodgings were within the city. I had told Jared to surprise me, so I couldn't complain, but at least it was waterlocked and only accessible via ferry. Jared said the security detail he had arranged was waiting at the complex but had left me a number in case something happened.
The pilot stared after me wistfully, "You're free to sleep on board, nothing more remote than being above the stratosphere alone with me."
I smiled and patted his hand, "Sorry we didn't get a chance to play those board games."
His eyebrows arched and he burst out laughing, "It is a round trip after all, I'll be looking forward to you."
He handed me my bag and pressed a kiss to my lips and my cheeks heated.
"Oh." I said to his back. He had been flirting with me this whole time? I'm not good when it comes to people. Music is much more expressive and recognizable. What had I even done to elicit an endocrine inundation in him? Jared had been my translator for so long that I felt a stab of loneliness for him.
I hooked my backpack over one shoulder and made my way through the city, carefully donning a pair of shades to remain icognito as Jared had said was prudent. I could tell most people would be interested in the shopping but that didn't interest me. Instead, I honed in on the sound of the city. The sound of engines revving in harmony, of casual chatter, thr cadence of shoes upon pavement, and most reassuring of all, the sound of animals. Birds freely roamed the street dancing just out of the clutches of cats, dogs pawing at their owners. A city's aura was indicative by the sound of it's animal life and thel choreography of their footsteps. This city had a positive energy. Jared had never steered me wrong before.
"Mommy! Is that man a movie star?"
"I think he might be sweetie," she said in excitement.
I looked around to see who they might be referring to nervously. If they were in the entertainment industry they might be able to recognize me.
A young boy ran up to me excitedly and I watched the strange creature tug at the hem of my shirt.
"Mister are you famous?"
I blinked beneath my shades, "I'm not famous, I'm incognito."
Wait, I should not have informed him I was incognito, that was indicative of my current predicament.
The boys eyes widened, "What's incognito?"
"Phew, saved due to your mother's negligence in his education."
He continued to stare at me with that unnerving grin . "Tell me, why do you think I am famous?"
The boy paused, then said, "The way you walk, it's like the air moves around you differently. Mommy says you have an aura."
"Your mother has an EMF camera?"
The boy began to giggle, "You're silly Mister Famous. I'm Killian. Will you be my friend?"
"Asking for a social contract this suddenly? You would not last very long in Hollywood."
The boy looked determined as he held out his hand and his unbridled attitude was impossible to deny.
I took his hand and he said, "Now you have to tell me your name. Didn't your mommy teach you manners?
"I guess she didn't have the time to. I'm...Caliph."
The boy hooked his pinkie with mine and maneuvered our hands in some kind of language before smiling. "Don't forget me okay?"
"Of course not. You are my first new friend in many years, I will cherish our encounter."
The boy looked really sad and I swallowed. I already destroyed my first friendship.
"You don't have friends?"
I thought of Jared, "I have two now, including you."
The boy asked for my phone and I handed it to him as he began to punch in his name and an address.
"This is mama's store. Come spend money and time with us, we'll make you friends."
With that he ran off and I eyed my phone.
Killian. 21 Sovereign Street. Rekindle the Spirit was the store name? A therapist? No wonder her son was so audacious and invasive.
I continued down the street with extra lightness in my steps. I already made a friend! This city was destiny.
I paid the ferry fee and stared into the water. Killian would be an incredible musician with how expressive and unafraid to connect he was. Perhaps tomorrow I would pay a visit an offer to teach him piano. Father had taught me to play piano, while mother had given me the violin. I didn't play it often, just enough to keep my skill fresh. It reminded me too much of her, as it was my only memory of her. She would come to ensure I was still a musical genius and once satisfied, she'd disappear again.
Music did not feel like music when mother demanded I play. It was like the filth on the radio.
But that kind of music would make mother look at me, so I learned.
I could see her expression now. She would be yelling at my father for raising me poorly and seeking out this retreat. Mother never faltered in life, she always had a mission to complete. She was like an assassin, straight to the mark with unfailing moxxy and skewed morality that suited her desires.
Dancing was the only thing that ever had my parents not arguing. When the three of us practiced dance together, we were a family. It was why I had insisted on adding a dance component to my musical identity. Maybe I would teach Killian dance as well. All I had was time at the moment.
Piano was my father in me.
Violin was my mother.
Dance was my family.
Sinfing was me though. I was often alone growing up, and without the constant reassurance of my own voice I would have became a weird adult.
Maybe I would teach Killian to sing.
The ferry docked not a moment later and I looked around disappointed. I had wanted to dance, to have the water beneath me guide my steps and instruct me to compliment it's sound.
I hopped off the ferry and found a charming complex awaiting me, as well as a man and woman in suits.
"Greetings Caliph. I am Vitalia, and this is Dimitri."
Dimitri took my hand firmly and shook it with a powerful grip before stepping back. He looked agitated, clearly wanting to be somewhere else.
"Dimitri will be your personal bodyguard as you tour the area, I will be managing perimeter security and the other guests but should anything go awry, I will be at your side in an instant."
She was very beautiful. Her platinum blonde hair was straight and stylishly fell over her right cheek and pinned up on the left. Her chest was ample, straining against the buttons of her blouse. The man was equally beautiful with his close cropped dark hair and blue eyes and his powerful shoulders and chest.
I never understood how Jared found so many pretty people to do security detail, only that he insisted they looked able to blend in with high society to be as efficient as possible.
Though, this seemed very over the top. Did I really inspire such need for protection?
"Nice to meet you both, I'm Caliph. I'm aware you know that but it has come to my attention recently that this is etiquette."
Dimitri didn't look amused but Vitalia burst into laughter, "Your hands will be full with this one Dime."
"My thoughts exactly," he said with a hint of Russian accent.
"Allow us to show you to your room."
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PostSubject: Disconnect   Sun Jan 28, 2018 3:35 pm

The coffee at this shop, The Daily Grinds was amazing and it was located right next to where Jetta lived. They had very nice coffees and teas her along with sweets for anyone who would want them. She took a long nap and woke up some time around noon. Before heading out for the day Jetta got most of her stuff put away from move in. Just getting to the apartment was a task today though which she knew she was going to have to deal with. There was paparazzi outside hanging around with some news stations trying to report on the latest person to move in. She didn't get to hear the name but, apparently the person moving in was a son of some big A-Listers in the early 2010's. His team had been moving in all of his stuff since, "his schedule was too busy to do so."

She knew that with a crazy life like they have its hard to have a moment to yourself but, a part of her felt that celebrities had it too easy because,people always do stuff for them instead of them doing it themselves. She managed to unpack her apartment and carried over 20 boxes of stuff by herself. It took over two days to get it together between her shifts at the magazine but, she had it ready in time for her vacation for the next two weeks. She didn't need a designer, a painter, a move in crew, or a cleaning crew. Maybe this person really was a busy person but, it did seem a bit excessive.

After she finished her tea she walked over the street to go to the big park that was right by the house. It was super quiet and loaded with trees that blanketed the area in crisp smells and soft lighting. The fall air danced all around her and she walked down the street along with leaves crunching under her feet. She felt like she was at peace just wandering through this park. She took a moment to pause and just stare at the lake as a family of ducks swam together. When was the last time she had time like this to just stare at nature.

It almost made her feel a little sad she never had time like this for herself to just walk among the water and see how the natural world functions. Most of her days she sat behind a computer editing articles, taking pictures for those who would need it, or travel places just to do an interview. She would never take a few days to just enjoy herself it was always live on the go. This new place was already showing her a world she never knew. Perhaps she needed to do this a little more often for herself. Any person walking through this park would wonder why some random girl would be just closing her eyes and just letting the wind flow around her.

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PostSubject: Genki Genki Desu???   Sun Jan 28, 2018 4:22 pm

Even if you're no longer in this changing town
It will keep on revolving with completely unknown faces
You alone will stop, and swallow up only your impatience
So if only you could be there
If you could be there -

Ah, you'll feel like you're about to lose
You'll be about to lose heart
Cheer up, come on
Cheer up
Sing out with your voice

This world is yours
Yours alone

"Alright Sosh, that sounded good you can take a moment"

He had been practicing the song for over an hour now. Recording it at least 6 times, why were they trying this song so damn much. Soshi sat on the studio chair just drinking his water as he saw his manager and the producers arguing about something. The glass window could only show their expressions and sound was not a option. Where they not happy with this song choice? Soshi sighed and got up and decided to go onto the studio to see what everyone's problem was; he hated being out of the loop.

"Look all I'm sayin is the kid's gotta a voice but he ain't his dad and I don't feel him in this song. He just doesn't produce the right feelin' "

"So what is it that youre 'feelin' because if I need to do something different then say so then have me record the song six fucking times," Soshi said slamming the door open.

"No offence man but the song is meant to sound happy and you sound like your dyin' like you have no drive. Like did you just break up with someone or something like what's going on with you. "

"I don't have the energy you say let's go again...NOW..."

Soshi slammed the door open and drank some more water. He stretched out and then looked the producer's right in the eyes and his manager watched with such concern. He didn't want the track to sound like he was loosing it, he needed to remain strong ad forget the past. As the music filled his headphones his eyes shut and he began to belt out every tune he could. He sang every word and hung onto every note not breaking his stare with the producers his manager watched with a sly smile while given him a thumbs up.

As he reached the second verse Soshi ripped the mic off of the stand and began to rock out and sing the tune louder then he did before. It was as if the song was flowing through him now as he moved around the room while showing how the song was impacting him.

Adults won't do anything for you
They won't teach you anything
All there is to do now is to see this world with your own eyes

If those eyes break down
Listen carefully
To the chirping of the birds
The rustling of the trees
The noise of the cars and the subway
The sound of the wind blowing between the tall buildings

If those ears are taken away
You still have the palms of your hands
Feel the world with your palms
No, you don't need the world

The song finished as Soshi threw the mic before flipping off the producer's that doubted him. Yes, he was just starting to go on his own. Yes, he was going through a lot mentally. Yes, he was far from the world he once knew. It was tough and he was doing all he can to keep himself alive and promising his fans the art he always wanted to give them. Right now he felt like he was carrying the world on his shoulders but in time things would calm again he was hoping. He'd fine his natural drive soon, he needed that right thing to inspire him. He sat in a chair staring back at everyone showing that he wasn't playing any games.

"Did you feel that," he asked.

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PostSubject: Re: Good Morning...   Thu Feb 01, 2018 3:00 am

Finishing, I secured the last of my blank canvases with the thick nylon straps. Examining my handiwork, I was satisfied that none of the crates would become dislodged during the travel. Wiping away the sweat that had accumulated on my brow, I hadn't realized that the sun was already about to rise.

“Dammit, I let time get the better of me again.” I had spent the last four hours strapping in the rustic furniture from my old apartment, followed by the crates of my finished works, bins of my art supplies, and a few smaller boxes of my personal momentos. I giant game of Tetris, I made sure each bin was lined up, as close to one another, with their appropriate markings facing forwards. “Alright that leaves one final task before I can get on the road.”

Grunting, I walked towards the back of the cargo area, a map of the world spanned across the wall. Resting three knives in between my fingers, I felt the cool steel warm against my knuckles. With my left hand, I brought it to the crucifix around me neck: attempting to commune with my guiding light.

“Lord... If all three land, I get to decide… So some guidance would be greatly appreciated…And if it hits water, it counts towards the nearest landmass. Deal?” Taking a deep sigh and taking one final look at the different boundaries of the world, my eyes shut and the metal blades shot forth from my hands. Three thuds sounded throughout the room before I heard one clatter against the steel flooring.

Light fluttered as I hesitantly looked at where my future was flowing. A single knife was on the ground, but at least the others stuck to the map.

“Eh not to bad Kol, not bad at all. Knew that some of those old Japanese cartoons would teach me something.” Inspecting the blades at a closer look, I realized that one landed in the middle of the United States and the other was a few inches from the coast of New Zealand. “Well the world knows the U.S. is going to shit… I always wanted to visit the otherside of the globe.”

I walked up to the cockpit, my hands instinctively flew over the controls, pulling up the navigator and locking down the exterior of the plane. It was hard to recall the last time I sat behind the controls and took towards the sky. Looking back to when each gauge and dial was no more than some incomprehensible data, I could only see a smile instructing me through each maneuver.
It’s what I could only remember…

Or was it all that I allowed myself to remember?

Before my art, there had only been this…

This sensation and adrenaline of severing the plumes of white with the crafts wings
This feeling of bliss while watching the fields and waterways blending underneath, the big picture revealing itself.
This sole feeling of not being weighed by time or burdened by obligations, just a soul soaring to heaven.
A free soul.

A vibration traveled through the plane as the roar of the engines came to life. The worn headset pressed to my ear, I lowered the mic,
“This is Kolviður requesting clearance for take off. Over.”

I heard the static come in through the headset, “Kolviður you are clear for takeoff. Safe flying. Over.”

With the watchtower’s official approval, I pressed forwards on the lever and steered the plane down the single airstrip.
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PostSubject: Acclimating   Thu Feb 01, 2018 12:31 pm

I stared at the silver knobs representing hot and cold. They should have a third button representing the median between the two, would save a lot of time on having to adjust the concentration of kinetics. Hmm Irina, Jared's wife, always set the temperature for me. I tried to imagine how they would handle this dilemma. Doing my best to project Irina, I experimentally twisted the knobs in the same amount of radial tension.
I touched the water that flowed from overhead, okay, tepid but I require more heat. I frowned, time to be daring. I pushed the knob for heat a quarter inch more than cold and touched the water. Survival. Dare I go one jule more? Come on Caliph, you're on vacation, have some audacity. I pressed it further and then touched the water.
Mmmm this feels good. I hopped in and began my daily ablutions. Satisfied with my cleanliness, I hopped out of the shower and frowned. There were no towels.
"Irina! May I trouble you for-"
Oh, that's right. No caramel skinned goddess would be rescuing me today. I walked out to my suitcase and kneeled in front of it, fishing around for boxers and spilling most of the contents within on to the floor in the process. When I found my boxers, I stepped into them and then hurried out the door to find my security.
Right as I rounded the corner, I collided into someone in my haste. A strong hand steadied me and I looked up into Dimitriy's wide eyes.
"What in the frozen hells are you doing?" His eyes trailed me up and down with disapproval.
"Perfect timing, I need you."
He stared at me in shock, his breathing accelerating.
"What are you-"
"Towel." I said, holding my hands out.
He grabbed me and yanked me back into my room and shoved me towards the bed.
He lookes at me and his blue eyes were cold and judging. "I'm not the fucking help. Call housekeeping, the number is there by the telephone."
My eyes brightened, "Thank you."
He turned to leave, but stopped and sighed.
"Let me call them, they find you here half naked the poor woman or man will have heart attack. Go hop back in shower and run hot water so you don't catch cold."
I nodded, "Thank you."
I hopped back in the shower and did battle with the temperature controls when I just finally settled into the shower and Dimitriy walked straight in.
"Towel wait for you here."
"Before you leave, can we do some sightseeing today?"
"Why do you ask me?"
"Well you're stuck having to watch me, so we need to make these decisions together."
There was a long pause and I thought he had walked out but, "Very well then."
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PostSubject: Re: Good Morning...   Fri Feb 02, 2018 2:32 am

“God, this is worse than trying to blend the congealing acrylic paints with the natural beauty of charcoal, while still keeping both completely separate!” Before me on the table, a stack of housing complex and apartment listings from cities within a close distance to the airfield I had parked my belongings. My finger grazed each horribly fabricated piece of paper, the pale ink displayed amature photographs of the spaces they were marketing.

“Does it look like I wanted to live in a shoebox?
Do New Zealanders all have the same exterior contractor?
Why must they provide little to no isolation?”

I slammed my head down on the table in distaste; between colors, structures, or location, nothing was the Louvre to my Venus de Milo! The Neues of my Nefertiti! The Uffizi of my Birth of Venus!

“Would you like another drink Sir?” A darkness cast across the table, as the shadow grew long from the sun. I turned towards a woman in her mid twenties with a complexion as clear as porcelain.

“Does one ever stop needing the drug of caffeine which both vitalizes me and ensnares me all at once?” Her pale complexion became a bit warmer, clearly taken back by my comment. “Sorry, I’m just your run of the mill artist struggling for a place to live.”

A heavy sigh parted my lips as my chin rested in my left hand, my right resumed the same routine that its developed over the last three hours.

“Why are there multiple stab marks through most of these catalogs?” She placed the serving saucer on the table, the breeze off the ocean drifting her hair into my face. “Oh I’m so sorry!” She pulled the orange strands back into a ponytail before inspecting the covers of a few catalogs.

“Its my usual method, pairing some random outcome, backed by a lot of faith.” I pointed towards the obsidian butterfly knife that I use with my paintings, closed up next to my venti Americano.

“Well as interesting as you shanking some paper, asking some locals would probably be less destructive. Take for instance,” she pulled out her phone and spent a minute rhythmically tapping away. She pulled up a bunch of pictures of a fantasy exterior, the foliage blended well with the exterior of the building. The rooms were opened, angled perfectly, and contained great potential. Mouth gaped, I stared back at her. “TrinityJuncture, its a community within a community, where only celebrities and other renown people live and play.”

“Why haven’t I seen this in any advertisement or margin of these misleading and pointless articles!”

“Obviously it's because compared to this place, those places would always be vacant.” She heavily emphasized ‘those’ places, clearly equally repulsed by the houses I saw. “Trinity is a small city that is surrounded by the city of Crystal Bay. If you are interested, it's not far from here. Just be careful because not just anyone can walts in and get one of those sweet digs.”

Bolting up from the table, I placed my belongings in my canvas back. “You have no idea how helpful you’ve truly been. Thank you.”

“Just make sure to invite me to a fancy party once you get settled!” I turned and went back towards the train station. The solution of my problem just over the horizon.
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PostSubject: Strolling   Fri Feb 02, 2018 8:12 am

I checked the empty fridge and my stomach growled. Loudly. I thought of my soundproof recording studio. There had to be a way to condense one of those into something wearable around my torso. Hmmm.
Then again, this was a chance to eat something not strictly on my meal plan. Yes, this called for some Diminuendo Ops.
I quietly tiptoed from my room after checking thay Dimitriy wasn't directly nearby. Maybe he was in thr, bathroom. Did Russians even use the bathroom?
My mind wandered to the kinds of devices they could use to remedy the common excrement. Russians would definitely have them.
...They might also have better locating skills thab I did. I found myself outside rather than at the kitchen.
I arched a brow at what I found out in the park. A girl, staring up at the sky. She looked lost too, maybe two losts could make a found. I hurried on over to her, wanting to be more social like Killian.
"Hi, are you looking for the kitchen too?"
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PostSubject: A Kitchen here in the park?   Fri Feb 02, 2018 11:19 pm

The once silence air now filled with a voice of a man she did not know. She turned to see a man standing before her asking about a kitchen. Her held tilted in confusion of such a question but, she wasn't too sure if this was a man's way of saying hello in such an odd place. Maybe he was lost in life and was just looking for a way to de-stress or maybe he just wanted to have a basic conversation; whatever the case maybe the man sparked her interest and she thought having a kind conversation wouldn't hurt her.

" I don't believe there is a kitchen in this vast area but, I did see some street food along the road. From basic crepes to a food stand that was selling nitro ice cream which by the way is fascinating how cream can just freeze instantly and turn to ice cream that they scrape along this metal plate and you have rolled up ice cream that reminds me of rolled up wrapping paper or something," she laughed.

Jetta realized that she was rambling about nothing to a man who's concerns where food; she probably didn't help what his stomach was feeling either. A few people that were walking past seemed to hear their conversation and look at her oddly. She had to admit any person hearing her speak would probably think she would be no help and so her face became a bit flush. The wind picked up blowing her hair directly into her face making her face feel hotter than it already was.

She quickly tucked her hair behind her ear before any more mishaps where to happen in front of this man. By the time she moved the hair from her face he still seemed to be staring at her with a calm demeanor. He was a bit taller then her so she assumed he was a man of average height and he had a nice pale complexion so maybe he wasn't from these lands like her. He had a way with speaking so she assumed in the moment that he was an intelligent person but, who this man did not walk away from this moment surprised her.

"I got carried away there please do excuse me," she said embarrassed, "Its my first day off in a year or so...so I've been excited to check out these areas. My name is Jetta...what is your name, sir?"

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PostSubject: Homeward Bound   Sat Feb 03, 2018 1:38 am

Soshi had finally finished with his crazy schedule for the day and he decided to just go off on his own to deal with the rest of his afternoon. His manager insisted on him taking a driver to the new place but, Soshi wanted none of that in the first place. Him living in the Crystal Bay area shouldn't be such a shocker let along the complex of Trinity Juncture. His team researched it for months and knew that it was suited to be a place for him. He knew that they would want nothing but, the best for him and having the penthouse suite was all he needed. He thanked his team for another day of hard work before pulling on his Dulce & Cabana jacket and tying his hair back into a small ponytail. His hair was getting long again and he wondered if cutting it was a plan for the near future.

As he made his way out of the building the streets where packed with people going to and from the city. He pulled on the cobalt colored scarf to his face as a chill from the air came over him. The wind was so strong it began to bother his eyes so he paired his outfit with some shades as well. These glasses were pitch black so anyone walking by would not notice who he was. Getting through the crowds with this disguise would be easy enough for him and he figured it would buy him some time in hopes that the paparazzi outside his apartment went away.

Soshi decided to take a look at his phone to see where this apartment was in the first place. According to the maps on his phone he would have to take the nearby subway and take the Oceanside Avenue station to get him to Trinity Juncture because that line was the one that was going to get him over there. The Oceanside Avenue station reminded him of a train in Jersey that took him to and from New York City and passed through the Hudson River through a underwater path-line. He had to admit the idea amused him and so he began to make his way there by following the street signs that would guide him only four blocks away from where he was now.

As Soshi walked he plugged in his headphones and began to listen to a melody he was working on. It was a new song he was writing, finally an original song for himself then the ones he would write for his former band. The song itself was edgy and had very strong guitar riffs with a mixture of electronic beats. Soshi was really into this song but, his producers felt like it wasn't the right time for a track like this to be released. How would they know that in this moment this song was no good to create when in Soshi's heart this song he felt the most connected to then he has ever felt. He hummed the lyrics he had written down as he continued to move between the crowds of people to the station.

As soon as he approached the entrance Soshi walked down a series of stairs catching the attention of those passing by. Every so often he'd see people do double takes just to see him walk past.

Yupp that's right you saw who you thought you saw...just keep moving,
Soshi thought to himself.

He snickered as he saw a group of girls fangirl at the sight of him; a few debating if they should go over and ask to take a selfie with him. They seemed to be kind though instead they took pictures from a distance and gave him his privacy. Perhaps he should have moved to New Zealand earlier in his career and maybe some of his more public situations would be less known.

The station itself reminded him of a Tokyo Subway station...clean and full of people everywhere. There where a few shops built into the location along with many food vendors and people just trying to get someplace. He too was trying to get somewhere so he headed to the terminal where the next train to Trinity Juncture was headed. The sign on the wall said three minutes so it would only be a matter of time before it got to him.

Standing there Soshi felt safe and for the moment the stress and importance of his career wasn't a concern just yet. He decided to pull out his phone and take a photo for his Instagram. He angled his phone on a nearby stool before letting the timer on his phone take the photo of him. He took his phone back staring at the photo with a slight snicker. The photo actually came out pretty decent. He added a short sentence before throwing in a few hashtags as the train for his next stop was pulling into the station.

"Well on to the new place," he mumbled to himself.

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PostSubject: Adventure   Sat Feb 03, 2018 10:52 pm

I watched the woman get excited and animated as she spoke about the nitro ice cream. You couldn't falsify this kind of reaction as an excuse to get rid of me.
"You are just as awkward as I am!" I blurted this out with excitement.
"Nitro ice cream sounds amazing! Could you imagine if we combined it with crepes? We have an adventure!"
I moved towards the direction she had indicated and and nearly forgot about her question.
"I'm Caliph."
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PostSubject: NITRO CREPE!!   Sun Feb 04, 2018 3:15 pm

This man seemed so funny and excitable as she is but, could catch onto her ways of not normal socializing which made her feel a little better herself. She gently shook his hand because she assumed that was the normal thing to do and decided to be his guide in this moment.

"Well if you like crepes, there is a bakery along the way that we can order crepes from and maybe have the nitro ice cream with them," she giggled.

Wait...was she actually just going to dine with some random person she never knew? No...this wasn't a date or something it was people who weren't familiar with this area just trying to find some common ground. The name the man had was so artistic too, maybe he was an artist of some sort? She took out her phone and began to map out the locations they were going to need to go to.

"It should be a 5 minute walk north from here," she smiled as she stayed close to him so he wouldn't get lost.

The two of them headed North on Bayridge street as they ended up in a area full of shops and restaurants. The area was lovely because you could see the bay from here and everything was so colorful. The sidewalks were a glimmering grey cobblestone and the roads looked fairly new. The sidewalks where decorated with pink and purple flowers all over and talk oak trees that offered shade from the blaring sunlight. There were a few business like business scattered throughout the street and some apartments that had well designed fire escapes. Some of the fir escapes had plants while some where decorated with a bohemian style.

Within a distance Jetta could see the crepe store along with the nitro icecream stand and excitement filled her eyes for the yummy snacks.

"That's the stand right there," she began, "As much as I am excited to try the food I must say the decor and structure of this area is to die for. I'd love to come back and photograph this area someday."

Damnit I am rambling again, she thought, he is gonna think I am so weird.

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PostSubject: Dessert   Sun Feb 04, 2018 4:37 pm

It was refreshing to see someone so enamored with the world. Jetta found such wonder in small things and I felt jealous of her. I didn't feel things like that anymore. Maybe if I studied her more, she could cure me of the hollowness I felt in me, the disconnect from the adrenaline of music.
I guided Jetta forward towards the crepe store as she had gotten lost in the city. The way her eyes latched on to detail and the way she said photograph...
"Are you a photographer?" I asked as we were seated.
Our waitress was prompt and had a constant laughing tilt to her voice.
"What can I get you two?"
I needed to study Jetta, to find out how she was able to be so captivated with life so I said,
"We'll have one of everything."
The waitress looked irritated but her laughing tilt continued, "Oh don't tease me like that."
I looked at her curiously, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you, is it not acceptable to order one of each menu item?" I tried my best to be apologetic, I didn't want Jetta to think I was an awful person.
"You're serious?"
I pulled out my credit card and nodded to her earnestly.
"Well damn. Clarissa! Order up of everything! Take care of these guests they are good people!"
"I hope we can enjoy this, I don't get company often."
I beamed at her, hoping that maybe my luck would continue like it had with Killian. Maybe I could make a third friend.
I pulled out my phone real quick and told Killian to come meet us for snacks and got an instant Brt.
I held my phone up to Jetta and showed her the response, Brt.
"Bacon Ranch Tomato? Oh and are you a photographer? I forgot if I asked that already."
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PostSubject: Getting to know you    Sun Feb 04, 2018 5:01 pm

"I am a photographer and writer for a magazine company. We're a small little thing but, it pays the bills," she smiles, "They are my two passions. I love to take photos or write about the world. Some people may find that strange but, I feel like it shows the art the world has to offer. Music, dance, theater, writing...all forms of all really but...they are my two favorite."

She had to admit his bold nature of ordering everything was quite the shock but, she had taken a few photos of the treats with her phone. It didn't hold the same strength of her camera but, she was willing to take a few. She avoided taking photos with Caliph in the shot because, she wasn't sure if he would like to be photographed. The two of them sat indulging into each sweet enjoying the pure bliss each treat bought.

She was captivated most by the vanilla coffee the two of them where having. The coffee itself had a dark roast taste and the vanilla that was fused into the steamed milk itself made her love the drink more. She wondered which one he liked best...was it too much to ask? As she continued to drink her coffee her glasses fogged from the steam of the milk and so she took them off tucking them into the pocket of her sage jacket. She could see he found amusement in her glasses fogging up she couldn't help but giggle a bit.

"This is all so amazing...I don't know how I can pay you back for such an amazing series of treats," she smiled, "I have to ask you and if I am being too bold please stop me but, what is it that you do, Caliph?"

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PostSubject: The Apartment   Sun Feb 04, 2018 5:25 pm

"Is there anything else I can get for you today sir?"

"That will be all, thank you for letting me use the restaurant's kitchen to avoid the paparazzi....I just want to relax," Soshi smiled.

"Alright, if you think of anything we have staff in the cafe along with the lobby so please let us know if there is anything we can do for you."

The people that live here must be spoiled, Soshi thought as he closed the Elevator door pressing a button along with sliding in his access key to activate the pathway to the penthouse. He didn't want to live so high up but, he thought maybe at a later time he'd enjoy being so elevated in the air especially on the cool nights where rain could possibly be a thing. As the elevator came to the top floor Soshi made his way down the hall and used the key to unlock the door to his sweet. He wondered what his team was able to do for him.

Soshi felt at peace just walking into it...they created a loft space for him and it made him smile to see it. He could see that in the kitchen they had stocked the cabinets with his favorite snacks and on the counter they had left some of his latest work and his music writing notebook there. In the kitchen they had the Sandalwood infusors plugged throughout the place giving it that earthy yet colonge like smell he loved. The living room itself was something he wasn't expecting but, seeing it just made him want to relax there. The loft itself have gray and light brown wood panelings and a soft gray rug where the dinning room table laid. The couches where black leather with black pillows and led light that laid across the back of it. They placed his beanbag chair from his last place by the big tv incase he wanted to chill in it and play some video games. The view itself overlooked the bay and he knew he'd fine some sort of serenity.

He made his way up the steel steps to see more things that made him never want to leave this loft.
A small area where he could have his gaming pc, his laptop, and mp3 player...an area where he could just sit, a path to a walk in closest and a pure white bed that he could lay upon at night. There was also a bathroom to the left that he could shower or bathe in and plants scattered throughout the location.

Soshi stared at the bathroom and knew that even though it looked like a classic bath tub he knew it was the one his designer created for him. It looked normal on the outside but built within its structure there
was a Jacuzzi like feature for whenever he felt stressed or sore from work out days. Even though it was early a part of him wanted to run a warm bath and just chill in the Jacuzzi part before he went along with the rest of his day.

"I can't ask for anymore," he smiled, "Best 1.9 million I could have spent for sure. This place is perfect."

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PostSubject: Re: Good Morning...   Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:17 am

The multi-earth toned leaves spiraled around my pale ankles as I walked parallel to the black pavement. The streets of Trinity-Juncture weren’t particularly busy with the sun’s rays beating around the skyscrapers’ outlines and through the peaking branches of the trees. The charcoal stick between my two fingers mimicked the distinct lines of the unique and ritzy storefronts, the profiles of the miscellaneous residents going about their daily routines, and the unique scenery that blended with the urban city. Heading towards a more residential area that the waitress had mentioned, the stack of earthy smears had accumulated images from the front of the museum and town hall and to people sitting in cafes and enjoying strange shaped ice cream. In the distance, at the end of the spotless road, a park flourished amongst the concrete and glass.

‘I’m not in any particular hurry to reach the apartments…’ I caught the glare from my silver wristwatch and acknowledged my lack of precedence.

The rocks and dirt dug into my fibula as I knelt in front of a flourishing flower bed in the park. Examining the different blades and veins of the leaves, I experimentally coated the unusual leaves in charcoal and pressed loss pages of paper to them, causing a realistic outline that I would be able to utilize in my other works. Pulling out my phone, each click captured the hues that I would use to enhance the sketches later.

‘These colors can be used to capture the realistic effect in the foliage!’ Setting down the sketch pad and phone, I grasped the small metallic lighter and clicked it to life. Resinging the charcoal stick, my hand grazed the pad and-


A  warm gust of wind swept through the trees, knocking me backwards and bombarding the area with more leaves.

“Sheesh, I’m not accustomed to such fierce currents. It would make sense that it gets amplitude from the buildings height, and funneling it through…”

“Yes you’d be correct. Someone clearly isn't a city boy.” I turn to see a woman peeling a piece of paper from her face. “I assume these are yours?” I looked around and saw that half the days sketches had mostly been carried down the street and dispersed amongst the city.

“Oh Lord why have you beseeched me?” I picked the remainder off the ground and went to grab the piece from the women, but she had begun to examine the piece intently.

“This is wonderful considering its just a sketch, I've never seen you in Trinity Juncture before. Did you just move in?”

“ Why thank you, and I actually was on my way to see if I could move in. I'm working on gaining renown but right now I'm still considered a small timer.”

“Well I'm guessing it's out of your normal range to afford a room here.” She leaned in and whispered the price before watching my body hemorrhage a bit. “Yeah my thought exact, but I will tell you what. Make paintings we can use around the place and we will discount it greatly.”

“Wait how are you going to arrange that, and who's this we?” I was both flattered and confused by her proposal.

“I'm one or the co-owners of the apartments you seek, so trust me when I say I got you covered.” My heart skipped a beat upon hearing that and my body was so overjoyed.
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PostSubject: Time to get fucked up   Wed Feb 14, 2018 5:24 pm

Soshi was finally out of the tub and he reached out grabbing his phone and began to stared at his schedule; he realized for the next five days he was completely free which meant he could do whatever he wanted with no worries of work interfering. It was rare that he had moments like this so he began to pace his apartment. What could Soshi do that he didn’t normally get to do...as the thought ran through his mind he decided to pick up his phone and dial a number. He began to dial a series of numbers and hoped for the person he wanted to reach would pick up.

“Soshi, yo what up mate, how’s it hanging,” the voice said.

“Jagger, thanks for picking up, how have you been,” Soshi replied

“Eh you know workin like a mofo...so I am guessing you are gonna be free...do you  want me to bring some stuff for Rei and chill,” Jagger replied.

“...I...I’m not with Rei anymore so that’s not needed...it was never for me...it was to keep him satisfied you know. I just wanted to know if you were still friends with the Ash and Kara…,”

“Oh Mate...I had no idea… as a matter of fact I still chill with Ash and Kara...hell yeah man...guess you’re switching teams now that he ain’t in the picture huh?”

“It’s not like that...look I just wanna drink and just meet some people and I know the girls live around here I was just wondering if you could reconnect me with them so I have someone to party with tonight. I just wanna get fucked up and be comatose for like the next day or so and then maybe get to know this fucking place I’m at.”

“Why don’t you go out and check out the scene before you stick to just two people”

“Are you gonna call them or what…”

“Sosh...chill bro I got you,” Jagger Laughed, “I’ll hook you up with them you’re at Trinity Juncture right?”

“Yeah,” Soshi sighed.

“Aiight, they will be there tonight. Buzz ‘em in and they’ll take care of you. Peace Brother.”

He hung up the phone burying his hand into his face; why was he doing this; was it even worth getting drunk. He just wanted to make some friends and that was never his strong point in life and meeting up with. Soshi walked down the cool marble stairs and placed himself in his bean bag chair letting the squishy material surround his body. He opened his eyes slowly staring at the ceiling. He would try to keep it cool tonight and not take too many risks with these girls; it was just gonna be a night of drinking and talking about the Bay Area. When they get bored he’ll call them an Uber and then fall asleep until the sun rises again; then from there venture out into this new world he didn’t know. Soshi’s eyes moved towards the liquor cabinet and to the fridge where he knew he could fix them up a nice meal.

“Perhaps we’ll wine and dine the proper way...should I go traditional or more basic for these girls,” Soshi paused and laughed, “I’ll just make them the best...after all they are coming  this way to me.”

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PostSubject: Hiding   Sun Feb 18, 2018 1:06 pm

"Oh I..."
Jared's voice echoed in my head. Never talk to paparazzi. A journalist just happens to be staying at my my new place. She didn't want to be friends, but just to make a story out of me.
I smiled, "I have to use the bathroom, excuse me."
I hurried over to the restroom and locked the door firmly behind me. There was a window leading to the outside. I hopped up onto a garbage can that I turned upside down and pried the window open.
Time to make my escape. I slipped out into the night air and was met by bizarre looks from people as I hurried back to my hotel.
I really hoped all those crepes would make Jetta forgive me, I thought sadly. Even though she was just trying to make fame off of me...
I stopped and thought to myself. Was I being really selfish? Could an article on me bring her fortune?
I thought about how overjoyed I was to be free to find myself here and knew that I couldn't give her what she wanted.
"I hope those crepes make up for it."
"Make up for what?"
Killian's voice stole over me and I turned to find him.
"Y-you came for crepes?
Killian looked baffled, "I said I would right?"
I beamed at him, people rarely kept their word to me unless money was involved.
"Killian, a mean lady is following me. We need to play hide and seek."
Killian folded his little arms, "What are you, eight?"
"Aren't you?"
Killian scowled, "I'm turning ten in two weeks."
"You never get too old to want to want to hide Killian. And adults are always seeking."
He thought this to himself, "We can hide at mom's store and you can find something nice to buy yourself."
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PostSubject: What happened?   Tue Feb 20, 2018 4:51 pm

About 7 minutes or so began to pass and the concern for Calliph came across her face; they had finished so much food maybe he had gotten sick from what he had eaten. He did say he was off to the bathroom so she wanted to give him a few moments.

"Can I get you anything else miss," the waitress asked, "I know he paid and left and I was wondering if maybe you wanted something."

"Are you certain," she asked shocked.

"I just watched him open the bathroom door and climb out the narrow window," the waitress laughed.

Jetta gathered her belongings, and ran out the cafe...maybe something was wrong with him and he was embarrassed to tell her. She ran behind the cafe where the window was and noticed there was a bit of thread caught on the window; oh no his shirt must have been caught on something. She followed the thread to a clearing where she could see him talking to another person. He was trying to hide so maybe he was feeling sick and was afraid to be scene in person. She quickly stumbled into her bag and found a smaller pouch that held all sorts of different medications.

"Caliph if you are feeling unwell from all the sweet why didn't you say so; I keep anti-acid pills and pepto bismal if you were feeling unwell," Jetta said trying to act kindly to the man.

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Good Morning...
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